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If you need professional house remodel solutions in Fort Worth, TX, we are the right specialists for the job. Our company also provides quality painting, property improvement, tree removal, tent building, and handyman services. We invite our clients to leave us reviews, and you can read those or give us yours on our Google Business page!

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Snug Harbor Service
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Joann M. Theiss on Snug Harbor Service
Unbelievably Good!

You are a great example of interior house painters and I will never have to use the services of others. That's not an exaggeration, as you managed to cover all the expectations that I had for painters and the work that I wanted. I will make sure that more people learn about your skills, I promise.

by Kirk L. Taylor on Snug Harbor Service

With your commercial remodeling, my place underwent a major change. And that change was something that I wanted. I will surely get a lot from it and since working with you was such a good investment, I would like to return the favor and give you five stars. Also, I will tell more people about your extraordinary dedication. Kudos!

by Crystal R. Noble on Snug Harbor Service
Excellent Work

Your house remodeling left me happier than ever when it comes to house remodeling. I mean, I expected high results from you but this time, you proved that you are the best professionals in your field. That's five stars out of five but I would give you ten stars out of five. Thank you and see you for another project, yeah?


by Carlos K. Melendrez on Snug Harbor Service
Absolutely Falwless

I needed the help of a company that specializes in home renovation. I read some reviews but only after customers with real experience notified me of the best companies, only then I acted. And it turns out that it's right what people say about you. I'm glad I can rely on you for such tasks and I'll be working with you in the future.

by Robyn M. Wilkins on Snug Harbor Service
Superb Service

You did an admirable job as a bringer of home improvement. My place is now a much better home and it's really pleasant to live here. Before your help, there was always a feeling that something wasn't right or something wasn't finished. With your help, the puzzle is finally complete. Thank you very much for your professionalism!

by Samantha Richards on Snug Harbor Service
My Interior Paint Is Outdated.

My guests have often commented that my interior paint job is outdated & unappealing because it has already started to fade. I can't just ignore these comments, especially I want to entertain my friends whenever I want. I don't want to be embarrassed by this, so I decided to hire a house remodeling contractor in my area. Fortunately, I found this firm during my search, and now I have someone I can always rely on!

by Antoinette Barber on Snug Harbor Service
My Exterior Paint Job Is Old.

Our HOA has sent a memo about the exterior appearance of my home, and the memo was right! My house stands out but in a bad way. My neighbors all had more appealing homes that I became embarrassed of my home's current condition. I asked one of them which house remodeling contractor they hired for the job, and they led me here. I set an appointment with their contractors and everything followed! I'm happy with the results.

by Leslie Jones on Snug Harbor Service
My Living Room Is Cramped!

I've noticed that my living room doesn't have enough space when I have guests. Most of my guests are forced to sit on the dining table which is also cut off from the other areas of my home. For these reasons, I decided to change the entire layout of both the living and dining area. I called their house remodeling contractors to inform them of my plans, and they were compliant. They even found the best solutions to certain challenges!

by Cora Santos on Snug Harbor Service
My Bathroom Needs Saving!

My bathroom is cramped. My tile floors and walls are starting to lose its beauty. I also noticed that my shower had stopped working a few weeks ago. I can't start my morning thinking about these problems, so I immediately hired a house remodeling contractor to take care of them. I heard this company was one of the best in the area, and they were right! I can't even recognize my old bathroom anymore. Thank you.

by Elena Reed on Snug Harbor Service
My Kitchen Is in Bad Shape!

My kitchen isn't as functional as it was before. My cabinets are already damaged and outdated. Mold has started to grow on the ceiling. My countertop is too small. Overall, the kitchen is too cramped for my family. I want to give them the best start to their mornings, so I decided to hire a house remodeling contractor to help with the changes. I didn't regret hiring this company because they delivered what they promised!

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